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Income Tax & Consulting


Tax support tailored to your needs

Every year the US income tax code becomes more challenging for businesses to comply with.  Adding to the complexity, states do not always choose to conform with changes to the IRS Code and treat certain income and deduction items differently.  We support our clients in their compliance needs by staying current with the US Income Tax Codification, as well as the income tax rules of multiple states in which our clients conduct business.  Partnership income tax law, specifically, is an extremely complex area when it comes to partner basis and allowable business losses and a trusted advisor who understands partnership taxation is critical to compliance. We offer knowledge and expertise in the following areas of federal, state and local taxation:

  • Limited liability companies and partnership taxation
  • Corporate taxation
  • Corporation S elections, including reasonableness of officer compensation
  • Consultation on employee benefits plans and related tax regulations
  • Income tax law in multiple states such as Oregon, California, and Idaho
  • State sales and B&O tax and Nexus consideration
  • Oregon corporate activity tax
  • Portland local income tax