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January 31, 2020

It has come to our attention that at least one client has received an email appearing to be from “Steve Greer” that asks the recipient to click a link to retrieve documents. This email is a hoax and should be deleted immediately – DO NOT click on the link provided.

If you receive an email that appears suspicious, the first step you should follow would be to mouse-over the “from” email address to see where it actually came from. In this case, the email is completely different from Steve Greer’s email address. Frequently, the address showing will appear to be almost correct but has a misspelling or has extra letters included. Occasionally, the sender will be able to mask the actual email showing and it will appear correct.

If you receive an email you’re not expecting – from us or anyone, for that matter – it’s worth your time to call and verify that it’s legitimate. Clicking the link provided by a hacker can cause malware to be installed on your computer, can direct you to a site that attempts to steal your identity, or a number of other unwanted consequences.

This situation provides a timely reminder about why we are advocating communication through our new secure portal, Liscio. If you log in to your account in Liscio, you will be assured you’re communicating with SGA, in a safe and secure manner.

Please call us if you have any questions, or need assistance setting up your account in Liscio.

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