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Social Security Wage Base for 2015

November 4, 2014

The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that the maximum earnings subject to the Social Security component of the FICA tax will increase to $118,500 in 2015 from $117,000 in 2014. This means, that for 2015, the maximum Social Security tax that employers and employees will each pay is $7,347 ($118,500 x 6.2%), and a self-employed person with at least $118,500 in net self-employment earnings will pay $14,694 for the Social Security part of the self-employment tax. The Medicare component remains 1.45% of all earnings, and individuals with earned income of more than $200,000 ($250,000 for married couples filing jointly) will pay an additional 0.9% in Medicare taxes. Other 2015 cost-of-living adjustments announced by the SSA are available at http://op.bna.com/der.nsf/id/klan-9q5jfs/$File/colafacts2015.pdf.

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