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Q3 Estimated Tax Payments


September 8, 2015

As the season changes yet again, it is time to pay your third installment of estimated tax payments.  If you are required to make estimated payments, September 15th marks the deadline to have your payments postmarked and on their way to the IRS. 

When mailing your payments, be sure to include the payment voucher that was provided to you upon completion of your 2014 taxes.  If your taxes have yet to be finalized and you believe that you owe estimated tax payments, please contact the office so that we may assist you in determining how much you should remit to the IRS.

Remember, the IRS can impose penalties for underpayment of estimated tax; protect yourself by ensuring that you send the proper amount, and on time.  If you have any questions regarding estimated tax payments, please do not hesitate to call the office at 541.388.7888.

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