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Oregon Sick Leave

Matt Hein

June 24, 2015


Oregon has passed a law requiring employers to provide sick leave to employees starting on January 1, 2016. Employers with ten or more employees (or employers with Portland operations and six or more employees anywhere in Oregon) will be required to provide up to five paid sick days per year to its employees, and employers with less employees will be required to provide up to five unpaid sick days.

 Businesses that already have a sick leave or vacation policy that provides for at least five paid leave days, whether those days are classified as sick days, vacation days or other paid time off, will not be required to change their time off policies. 

 For questions regarding this new law, please call our office at 541-388-7888, and we can provide you with more detail relating to how the number of employees is determined, how the sick leave is accrued, how the sick leave can be used, and other questions.


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