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Identity Thieves Hit the IRS

SGA Staff

June 1, 2015

The IRS’s Get Transcripts Online service has been compromised and over 100,000 people have had vital information stolen by identity thieves. It appears as though hackers already had enough taxpayer information to bypass the identity authentication process that the IRS had in place.  Once the culprits were able to gain access to the online transcript information, they then were able to file false returns that often escaped fraud alerts.  The IRS has subsequently shut down the Get Transcripts Online service, although the mail service is still available should you require the transcript service.

  This is another reminder to keep your vital information safe.  Create passwords and security questions that would be difficult for thieves to guess.  Use a variety of passwords so that if one becomes compromised, your other accounts are not susceptible as well.  Dealing with identity theft can be a long and arduous ordeal, please protect yourself.

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