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Extension Deadlines

August 6, 2019


Although the original tax filing deadline has come and gone, extension deadlines will be here before you know it. As you know, your returns are currently on extension.

If you have provided us all the information to complete your returns, thank you! We'll be in touch soon with any additional questions we may have prior to finishing your returns.

However, if you still need to provide us information for your returns, we wanted to make you aware that we have implemented internal deadlines in order to ensure that all of our clients receive the highest quality service for tax return completion. As you may well know, we have no additional opportunities to extend your tax filing date.

We will need all information necessary to complete your return in to us by August 9th for entities, and September 3rd for individuals. If we receive your information after these dates, your returns may not be filed on time.

Please keep in mind that if you have a business return that flows through to your personal return, that return must be completed prior to your individual return being finished.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service by preparing your return accurately and as timely as possible. Responding to our document/information requests in a timely manner will help achieve this goal. We recommend that you submit your information earlier than the above mentioned deadline as a protective measure should you need to provide additional information. Our client assistance lists are available to download via the links below. These lists are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather a tool to assist you in gathering your tax preparation documentation.

2018 Business Client Assistance List

Individual Checklist

Please do not hesitate to contact the front office at 541.388.7888 if you have any questions regarding the above mentioned deadlines.

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